Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"Congressman Anthony D. Weiner A Fighter for New York"
is what his website reads.

As the ninth district representative his site also says that he has brought millions of dollars home to New York City: restored the city's parks and beaches; used funds to solve crimes against women; funded programs for developmentally disabled; combated pests that have ravaged trees; funded additional police officers; improved pedestrian safety; funded ferry transportation to more New Yorkers; and even funded graffiti cleanup.

He has also fought to uphold New York values. In 2005 he ran for Mayor of the city of New York but didn't win.

Sure he was a leader with a good name, but the congressman did several things wrong which amounted to one huge lapse in judgement. Anthony Weiner stepped on his Weiner, but let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

No need to resign, the man already committed professional suicide. How many of us have received a sexting message? I know I have but the one thing I learned is to respect tape recordings, videos and cameras.

As they say, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. But before he allowed it to, the heat became too hot in the kitchen and the Congressman did resign. However I truly believe that Anthony Weiner should have been afforded the same concessions that President William Jefferson Clinton was granted. Given Clinton's BJ in the Oval office was a lot worst, it surely didn't suck him out of the White House.

I think the main reason I did not want to see Weiner leave is because he fought for the bill that Congress refused to pass for health care to the 911 responders. He referred to the GOP as "Cowards", but Liberal or Conservative I think you will agree that the man was a hell of a lightening rod. See him in action here:


Let Congresssman Weiner's resignation serve as a learning moment to all those who desecrate their names by stepping on it.