Saturday, July 3, 2010

PSWA’s (Public Safety Writers Association) annual conference Las Vegas, June 17-20, 2010 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

It was a 2008 task that I had accomplished but it kept calling me back. I added a line or two here, a paragraph there. Then I decided to just go code three and put my imagination into flashjump. Here it is now June of 2010 and Bradley Ashe has grown from one page to a 119 page screenplay. I entered it into the competition and low and behold, it held the judges in a puffery.

When an extraterrestrial's planet is invaded and destroyed, his new life brings him to Earth where he finds two friends and the invaders find their new target. To defend the planet, the three must take them on head to head. Together they have only twenty-four hours to prevent the end of the world and find peace at all costs.

Bradley Ashe was a word prompt that began as this: You wake up to discover that you are surrounded by friends, people you know. As you become more cognizant you realize that these people are trying to kill you, and you don't know why. Create a story where this happens and your job is to find out why they have marked you for death. And do it in five hundred words or less.

I had written a few, ok more than a few screenplays before. The subtext of the coverages I got was that they needed to be set inside the toilet bowl while someone hit the lever. After studying several publications, namely, "The Screenwriter's Bible" by Dave Trottier and "Screenwriter's Q and A" by Esther Luttrell, and also receiving their consultations, I had begun to understand the three act premise, structure, shadowing and the big Hollywood ending. Many thanks to the both of them.

Bradley Ashe is like nothing I have ever written. It is a blend of three plays in one so you gotta keep up. It centers on the affirmation that the Earth is coming to an end. At the finish of the screenplay, with all its faults we're left feeling good about the world we live in.

If you should find yourself given a word prompt that you complete and it keeps calling you back, don't even think twice. Like Nike, JUST DO IT! I did.

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